Family Easter Photoshoot

Easter at the Manor was filled with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. However, between all of the chocolate we were able to sit down and take a few photos as a family. Thankfully, James was there to snap a few and to post process them so they look amazing. Thanks James!

South Africa!

Our trip to South Africa was fantastic. Everyone asks what the flights were like, especially when you know we were on a plane for 22 hours each way not including our layovers. The weekend before we left we decided to give a dose of Benadryl to our kids to make sure that they didn’t have
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The last few months

So with all of the prep for South Africa, daycare, returning to work, first birthdays, etc., we haven’t been great at posting new pictures. So here we go. The last few months have seen some amazing growth as well as a few setbacks. While transitioning off of breast milk and onto formula the kids weight
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got the giggles

I stumbled across this scene the other day. The laughter went on and on….. got the giggles from Jan G on Vimeo.

Almost there…

This week Drew has become a little more stable on her feet, so we figured we would let her try our the push walker and see how it went. Not gonna lie, it was a little terrifying and we were walking behind her waiting for her to fall. But in true Drew fashion, she proved
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We started our own version of Peek-a-boo with Drew a little while ago, and only recently has Addison started also doing the same thing. Excuse the attire and shambles of our house in the background….. Peek-a-boo from Jan G on Vimeo.

Creepy Crawly and the Slug

So while Addison has been happily cruising around the house, Drew has been getting a little envious of her new found freedom. So she has devised her own way of transporting herself around the house….. Creepy Crawly and the Slug from Jan G on Vimeo.

It has happened….

….the twins are now mobile, or at least one of them is. Addison got her hands and knees coordinated and is on the move. Drew hasn’t quite gotten the crawling piece put together yet but loves the wood floor as she drags herself all over the place in a commando crawl. Very happy we got
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Laughing with Great Grandma

We had a lovely visit with Great Grandma (GG as she hates to be called) and Great Grandpa (the old man as he loves to be called). The kids were in great spirits laughing and giggling, playing with their special toys. Check out some of the laughs: Great Grandma 2015-01-23 from Jan G on Vimeo.

“Football” Fans

Two types of “Football” fever have swept through our house in the past week. The real Football, the Superbowl between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots occurred this past Sunday. With swimming skipped for the day due to the kids colds we were able to watch all of the coverage, had some great
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