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Sorry everyone, I’ve been a little tardy updating the site. I won’t make false promises and say I will stick to a schedule, but I will try to be a little better at posting some of the fun photo’s and video we gather.

May 2015

The month was plagued with the beginning of daycare flu’s and colds. We all got sick, over and over. Noses ran, allergies flared, ear infections were had. This month the 1 year old molars started to develop, unfortunately for Drew they came in two at a time, and didn’t stop.

June 2015

June started out with a cold, runny noses and a fit of coughs. But the warm weather quickly cleared that up and the kids were back to their normal nonsense. We bought the kids a small blow up pool to beat the heat (unfortunately it didn’t survive the summer as a bear managed to pop it a few months later). As the month grew warmer we ventured outside more and more, Jan planted the garden and Drew tried to help by removing all of the plant markers that told us what everything was. Oh well, we figured it out in the end. The end of the month ended with another illness, but at least they had a fun new kitchen set to play with.


July brought our family a new car and a final family trip to sechelt with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. We decided it was time to upgrade the car to one that could hold all of us and our stuff! We kept the Rav but invested in a Mitsubishi Outlander, after much searching and review of safety specs. Once the car was bought we had enought room to travel to the cottage and Nash actually fit!!! This would be our last trip to the cottage as Mal and Bernice have decided it would be their last year up there. Sad, but it was a great trip. We had hoped to get up there before the end of Summer, but it just didn’t work out.

Jan calls me a thief, but I really did knock on the door before just walking off with the water table left on the side of the road. Another new addition to the kids toy addiction (or maybe it’s mommy’s). A water table kept them busy in the shade of the deck with a couple Cozy Coupe cars to scoot around in. We created their own daycare for those sick days at home.


August brought us more teeth, not as many illness’ (thank god) and many visits to the hospital as Great Grandpa fell ill. Between hospital visits, whitecaps games, work, daycare and the regular routine, we didn’t have much time for anything else. We did venture down to Seattle to spend some time with my sister and Kevin and catch a Seahawks game (which we arrived late to thanks to traffic and a flat tire).

Here are a few pics during the past few months:

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