Constantly moving

Our little girls are constantly moving and shaking. Even when they are sick they are active and always on the go. The last few weeks they have been suffering from a horrible cold, add to that teething their one year old molars and it’s been a pretty fun household. We had our first ear infection, not something we want to experience again any time soon, and we managed to make Grandma sick! But throughout it all they kept in pretty good spirits.

They have found the tupperware in the pantry and like to empty it out whenever they have the chance. A word to the wise for anyone visiting our house, wash the tupperware before using! The little red wagon has become a regular occurrence on the streets near our house, on the way to the park or while taking Nash for a quick walk, you can see the girls bouncing along. They love the freedom of the wagon, they can see more and aren’t curtailed as much as the stroller.

The girls have also been reintroduced to their ride on toys and walkers. They’ve been a little hesitant about using these items as they weren’t very good at controlling them. But now that they are a little more stable on their feet they are having a lot more fun with them and the freedom they get when using them. Because of using the walkers, their balance and stability has increased quickly over the last few weeks. Drew is now taking steps on her own, working up the courage to go for that first run. I’ll post a video soon of her wobbly attempts at walking.

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