Monthly Archives: May 2015

Constantly moving

Our little girls are constantly moving and shaking. Even when they are sick they are active and always on the go. The last few weeks they have been suffering from a horrible cold, add to that teething their one year old molars and it’s been a pretty fun household. We had our first ear infection,
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Mothers Day 2015

This mother’s day was my first real mommy’s day. Last year doesn’t count as I probably slept through most of it, or didn’t really know what was going on. This year was a real celebration of the last year and all of it’s changes. Nothing better to celebrate mothers day then my first artwork from
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1st Birthdays!

Shortly after returning to Vancouver we started planning the girls first birthday. Okay, actually while we were in South Africa my sister was busy planning the girls first birthday party. When we got back we were busy cleaning, planning, shopping and sleeping. Thanks to Christina and Olivia, we were able to pull it all together
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Family Easter Photoshoot

Easter at the Manor was filled with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. However, between all of the chocolate we were able to sit down and take a few photos as a family. Thankfully, James was there to snap a few and to post process them so they look amazing. Thanks James!

South Africa!

Our trip to South Africa was fantastic. Everyone asks what the flights were like, especially when you know we were on a plane for 22 hours each way not including our layovers. The weekend before we left we decided to give a dose of Benadryl to our kids to make sure that they didn’t have
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