Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! This year we went to our first twin halloween party, put on by the twin organization we are apart of. It was a fun event where we got to meet a lot of people who have been through raising twins or are going through it just like us. Over the next few
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Visits with Auntie

Christina and Kevin came to visit and see the girls off to their first costume party. We had a great time catching up, playing with babies, and just having a good time. It was nice to spend some quality time with those two as life right now doesn’t always allow for those moments. Thanks for
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6 Months

This milestone came and went in the middle of October, but we did make note of it. Actually, we were on the girls first flight, so that’s a memory in itself. They have been very active this month. They have grown quite a bit. They are constantly moving and wanting to be in their jumpers
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Meeting the new cousin/nephew

We decided it was time to meet the newest addition to the Groenendijk family. So, we hopped on a plane and went to Calgary for some fun and family time Everyone asks how the plane ride was. Surprisingly it went ok. Not to say that they didn’t cry or fuss, but all in all it
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Visiting the Dentist

No, it’s not what you think, the girls aren’t old enough yet. For those of you who know me well you know that I usually take my grandmother to the dentist when I need to go so that we can both have our appointments together and I can save her the hassle of finding transportation.
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This year we had thanksgiving at my Mikes place in North Vancouver. The great Grandparents, grandparents and parents were all present. It was a great evening with wonderful food, of course. We have so much to be thankful for this year, and family is a big one!


Addison and Drew have been entertaining us for a while with their giggles, we just haven’t been willing to share until now. Here’s a video of Addison, a little tired and a little giggly. Addison Giggles New Sound from Jan G on Vimeo.  

Last days of Summer walks

we took a walk with the girls in late September. Thankfully the weather has been amazing (we haven’t even turned the heat on in the house yet). Nashville, of course, was thrilled to be outside enjoying the fresh air and cool river water. The pictures are from the dykes that connect to the trail behind
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Rocky Sitting

The girls are getting more stable while sitting. They still can’t sit unassisted and require the boppy as a basic support, but they are getting much better. Every day they are growing and getting much stronger. They no longer want to play while lying down, they want to be sitting or bouncing in their jumpers.
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No More Peas!

We started solids a couple of weeks ago. We started the girls on some rice cereal and they progressed well with that. Addison was a pro from the beginning and Drew took a couple of turns to get the hang of it. Addison has since regressed with her eating skills (she now slurps off the
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