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Hi All, We are sorry for the month long hiatus we have taken from updating our site. We promise to be better in the future (especially now that Kim has found her website user account). Here are some pics from the last month or so….

2 Months!

Well, we made it through the first 2 months! Jan and I are still alive, the kids are still here and have grown like crazy, and the animals are still being fed and loved. Jan went back to work a month early, as he had finished his work in the garden and didn’t have anything
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Smiles :)

The girls have started to smile, and of course it is melting our hearts. Addison was the first to really turn on the charm. She had Jan wrapped around her little finger as soon as she pulled out that toothless grin. Her smiles were sporadic at first but with daily coaxing have become a regular
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Wok with Yan

Jan and I love our walks. Our stroller limited us to where we could venture (don’t worry we did fix this and bought a different stroller for walks). The park was the best place for Nash but didn’t provide the cool she needed in the warmer weather. We quickly found a way to the water
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Great Grandparents – At home on the Shore

More photos from another visit with the great grandparents.

Great Grandparents

It’s amazing having great grandparents for your kids. It is something very special that not a lot of people get to experience and most kids don’t remember. It is even more special when they are so active in their great grand children’s lives. Dad brought the great grandparents out to the house one day so
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The first party for the babies

So, it has been a while since the family baby party happened but I thought I would share some of the photos Rick took from the occasion. Thanks to all the family and friends of family that attended and spoiled us and the girls. Also, for all the diapers. When we got home and filled
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