Monthly Archives: May 2014


We recently received the birth certificates for the little ones. It looks like mom and dad where a little out to lunch when it came to filling in the paper work. We switched up there middle names so we now have: – Addison Christine Groenendijk Mackintosh – Drew Pamela Groenendijk Mackintosh Oops 🙂

Mothers Day

Last Sunday was all about the moms. To celebrate we had my mom and Sandy over for lunch. Of course that included Uncle B, Doug, Rick and Diana. It was an awesome sunny day with way too much food contributed by everyone.

Around the house

Some pics this week of around the house. We had the babies bed raised with textbooks on one side to help prevent “spillage” after feeding. After sleeping a while, the girls would get fussy. This resulted in them in rotating 90 degrees in their sleep so they were parallel to the foot of the crib
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Life at home

Life at home in the last week.

The garden

In the weeks just before the babies arrived Doug dropped off 13 10 foot planks from a fir tree him and Sandy had cut down in their back yard last year. Thanks Doug! These were transformed into two very big veggie boxes. Last week was hot and sunny which meant I got to hang out
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