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It is all about sleeping

Was not expecting to get so much sleep as a new parent, but when the kids sleep there is not much to do!

More photos…

Baby photos, a walk to the park and a visit to Stacey and Connie before going to their first Doctors appointment.

Day 5 – Bath included

Our first week

Here are some pics of the last few days… Happy Easter!

The Arrival

Horray, they are here! Two beautiful girls born at 4:18 AM on April 16th. 1 day earlier than planned 🙂 Twin A: Addison Pamela Groenendijk Mackintosh, a healthy squawking 7 pounds. Twin B: Drew Christine Groenendijk Mackintosh, a healthy active 5.5 pounds. Mom is doing way better than dad, dad had to come home to take
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