Monthly Archives: December 2013

A lot of Pink…….

Merry Christmas everyone! This morning Jan and I got to open a very special Christmas gift, the envelope containing the gender of our twins. We found two ultra-sound pictures, both with the captions “Surprise, I’m a Girl!” Looks like Jan will have to invest in a sparkly new tiara, because I see a lot of
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Trick or Treat

For Halloween this year, we figured we would pay Kim’s mom a surprise visit to announce her upcoming grandchildren. Decked out in Skeleton costumes we went rang her doorbell. Yes, even Nash got to partake in the costumes (the original fur baby is still included in allĀ embarrassingĀ outings). After answering the door, Nash was the first
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An Early Christmas Rhyme

In late October the Rudert/Groenendijk clan got together to celebrate Rick’s birthday and to perform the annual Secret Santa name draw. We used this opportunity of a family gathering to spill the beans of our double big news. But in honour of Nellie’s Christmas tradition, we decided to do it by poem. Here are the
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